For Safe And Sustainable Business

Message From the CEO

At Everstar, we understand that great results can only be achieved consistently by fostering effective teamwork, confident leadership and open feedback. These attributes will help us overcome current and future challenges so that our success remains ethical and sustainable in the coming years.

We have developed our Principles for Safe and Sustainable Business to help every Everstar employee, contractor and subsidiary deliver our solutions in a safe and responsible way.

These Principles guide our managers in their decision making and ensure that all our teams perform their tasks safely and with respect to our stakeholders and the environment they operate in.

Even in a challenging and dynamic operational environment, choosing to adhere to a strong set of ethics and personal integrity is something over which we all have complete and independent control.

Abiding by these Principles is therefore not optional.

We expect all our colleagues, contractors and subsidiaries to adopt these Principles in their work to ensure that Everstar remains a safe, ethical and reliable company.


Ole Lars Oye

Principle 1: Business Integrity and Fair Competition

We insist on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. We expect the same in our relationships with all our partners.

The direct or indirect offer, payment, soliciting or acceptance of bribes in any form is unacceptable. We consider facilitating payments to be bribes and they must therefore not be made.

All business transactions on behalf Everstar must be reflected accurately and fairly in our accounts in accordance with established procedures.

Everstar believes that fair competition is the only sustainable way to maximize value for our business partners and ourselves. We therefore seek to conduct business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We will never prevent anyone from competing fairly with us.

Principle 2: Respect for People

At Everstar, respect for people, whether they are our colleagues, contractors, customers or anyone else is a core value.

Only by creating an open and honest culture can we make full use of valuable team members and other supporting stakeholders. An open and honest culture is also essential to performing our tasks safely, since everyone can feel empowered to speak up when they have concerns.

We will always comply with applicable legislation regarding employment and contracting staff.

We also conform to the UN Convention on Human Rights as well as the core conventions of the International Labour Organization. These include, among others, prohibitions against forced labour and child labour as well as any form of illegal and unfair discrimination.

As a Singaporean company we see diversity as one of our key competitive advantages. We will never discriminate based on race, gender, age, nationality, cultural background or religion.

Principle 3: Health, Safety, Security & the Environment

We do not compromise on safety. No safety rules may be broken and no shortcuts may be taken to achieve operational targets. Safety is always our first priority.

Everstar has adopted the ZERO Mindset in relation to HSS&E. We believe that through continuous training, feedback and improvement across our organization, we can achieve:

  • ZERO personal injuries; and
  • ZERO work related illnesses.


We maintain an open work environment where our colleagues feel encouraged to ask questions and report concerns without any fear of reprisals. Our Just Culture guarantees that front-line personnel are never penalized for errors that are not deliberate or that are commensurate with their experience. This just culture is at the heart of our organization and ensures that all our colleagues can confidently take part in improving our safety performance.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility to operate in a sustainable way and take steps to limit any negative effects on the environment. We use a risk-based approach that considers any potential environmental effects, so that they can be effectively managed. This also helps us set realistic and measurable environmental targets.

Everstar fulfils the requirements set forth in the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Responsible waste management is a key priority for us at Everstar. We sort and separate waste materials and recycle them when possible. We ensure that any dangerous and harmful waste is handled appropriately and in compliance with local regulations.

Principle 4: Compliance

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and areas in which we operate.